Saturday, October 31, 2009

Indahnya Allah

Semalam aku  meneroka beberapa halaman di dalam You tube,
dan terserempak dengan  sebuah alunan nasyid yang begitu
indah dan menusuk hati.

Ia diberi judul "The Beauty of Allah"
dan dipersembahkan oleh  Munshid,  Mohamed Obaid.
Kata-kata yang terdapat didalam nasyid ini disadur dari
kata-kata Iman Shafie (r.a) di akhir hayatnya.

Berikut aku paparkan nasyid berkenaan dengan sarikatanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Semoga kita dapat "menikmati" dan "menghayatinya" bersama !



1.  To you,the Creator , I raise my
 ,2. Even if I am an evildoer , a
criminal , O possessor of kindness
and generosity !
3. When my heart became
constricted and my path became
4.I took my hope in Your pardon
and forgiveness as an escape
5. You are and still remain the only
One who can forgive sins
6.Your grant and forgive out of Your
benevolence and generosity.

(Repeat:1 , 2 ,3 4&5)

7.Are You not the One who has
provided for me and guidance
8.And You have not ceased being
gracious to me and full of
favours ?
9.Wishing that the Beneficient One
will forgive my mistakes
10. And cover up my crime and what
has gone forth
11.So you forgive me.You would
have forgive a sinner.
`12.A rebellious , opressive tyrant
still sinning
13.  .And if You were to seek revenge
from me, I would  not dispair
Even they entered my soul into
Jahanum due to my sins

(Repeat 1,2,3,4 & 5)

14.Eloquent when he makes mention
of his Lord
15.And in the mention of others than
Him,he is not (eloquent)
16.He says "My beloved (O God!)
You are what I request and desire
17.You are enough of a longing and
benefit for those who have hope.
18 I protect it my love , lest my desires
should spoil it.
19 And I preserve the contract of
love , lest it be defiled
20.  In my wakefulness is yearning
and in my slumber is destiny.
21.  That's pursing my footstep in
22.  My cruel (sins are great past
and present
23.But Your forgiveness comes to
the servant , more exalted and
more great

(Repeat 1,2,3  4 & 5)